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In the field of water treatment the range offered by Doulton Water Filters gives a cost effective alternative to bottled water, 
distilled water and "Reverse Osmosis Units." The integrity of the (bonded) carbon technology used, gives more uniform 
performance than traditional granular activated carbon filters and the ceramic shell can easily be cleaned, to restore reduced 
flow due to blockage. All systems are rated to give at least six months use based on the usage of a typical family (see 
data table for rated capacities*). The systems will supply 0.5 gallons of purified water per minute at typical mains pressure. 
The versatility of choice, allows you to choose the system that best suits your needs. 

A free-standing filter for countertop use
which is easily installed onto existing cold
water or mixer faucet via a diverter valve.
Moulded from attractive plastic, this filter
needs no permanent modifications to the
kitchen plumbing, allowing filtered or
unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing
faucet at the press of a button.




Ultracarb: The Doulton - Ultracarb filter cartridge, provides all the protection of the outer ceramic
filter barrier, designed to remove harmful cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia   and other
solid matter; together with the water treatment capability of the carbon core, to remove
Chlorine as well as those other unpleasant tastes and odors, with the added benefit of a Lead
Reduction Compound - to reduce toxic lead at a concentration of 150ppb from the water for up   

to  six months, or 600 gallons   Extra Doulton UltraCarb Filters $59.00              ORDER ON LINE




1-800-360-2660        ORDER ON LINE

Model: HIP $179.00  



Under The Counter

In-line housing with 3/8 tubing and push

fittings, with housing mounting bracket &

screws.     Uses Ultracarb







$199.00 ea.


•Increased filtration capacity.

• Cartridge life indicator.

•Continuous filter performance monitoring.

•Easy installation on existing faucet.

•State of the art Countertop design.

FILTERS 1000 Gallons

Doulton NIMROD! (ICP)
Free standing filter design allowing filtered or
unfiltered water to be drawn from an existing faucet.
Nimrod® water filter is the latest countertop filter to
join the Doulton range. State of the art design
combined with the very latest advances in
filtration technology makes the Doulton Nimrod the
most advanced countertop water filter available
Like many countertop designs the Nimrod can be
easily fitted to existing faucets however a number
of additional innovative features provide a
significant edge over conventional designs. An
optional LED display panel provides a continuous
display of filtration performance whilst a
cartridge life indicator gives an indication of
exactly when to replace the filter element to
guarantee optimum filtration performance.
In addition a new range of 2¾ inch diameter filter
elements has been developed to fit Nimrod.
These elements provide the highest levels of
bacteriological and particulate performance
usually associated with the Doulton name, but also
provide improved flow rates, increased filtration
capacity and long filter life! 

Uses Doulton Imperial UltraCarb Filter 

Item# D9.4IMPUC    $79.00 ea.



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