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Technical Details   LP-2
Number of elements 2
Capacity (gal) 2.5gal.
Output (per hour)   gallon 1/2
Height ( inches) 23 1/2"
Width  (inches) 10"
Empty Weight (lbs) 2


Technical Details  SS-4 Glp201bw.gif (1774 bytes) Gss402bw.gif (1181 bytes)

Telescoped for shipping

Number of elements 4
Capacity (in gallons) 2.4
Output per hour(gallons) 1
Height (inches) 19.3
Width  (inches) 8.25
Empty Weight (lbs) 5.5
Contaminants Removal General Description- Rated life approx. 2500 gallons per filter
Bacteria Yes Application: Gravity fed, this system is designed for use where portability is required or access to a pressure fed water source is impractical.

Volume: With 4 filters installed this unit can produce more than 20 gallons of drinking water per day.

Strengths:  This "free standing" system provides >99.99 rejection of bacteria, cysts and effective depth filtration of particulate>.5 Microns. This system also provides excellent rejection of chlorine, taste and odor. The filters are easily cleaned and require no tools to service.



Cysts Yes
Taste Yes
Odors Yes
Color Yes
Chlorine Yes
Herbicides Reduces
Pesticides Reduces
Escherischia Coli 99.99%
Kelbsiella 99.99%
Cholera 99.99%
Shigella 99,99%
Salmonella 99.99%
Guinea Worm 100%
Giardia Lamblia 100%
Cryptosporidium 100%
Independently Tested By The Following Institutions.
Hyder  (formerly Accer/Altwell) Cheshire UK.
Spectrum Labs Minnesota USA
WRC Buckinghamshire UK
Clare Microbiologieal Suffolk, UK
NSF Michigan, USA
Loughborough University Leicestershire, UK
University of Arizona USA
Thresh, Beale & Suskling Birmingham, UK
WRC Gwent, UK

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