British Berkefeld Water Filters FAQ


1. What is the difference between the 9 inch and the 7 inch filters.

The 9 inch filter is 2 inches longer, this added surface area
allows it to produce about 25% more water than the 7 inch
filter in the same amount of time. With these exceptions the
filters are identical.

2. When do I clean the ceramic filter element?

when the time it takes for the water to filter into the lower
chamber substantially increases.

3. How do I clean the filter element?

Hold the ceramic element under clean running water while
scrubbing lightly with a 3M Scotchbrite pad or soft
toothbrush. Cleaning should be performed evenly working
from threaded mount down.

4. How often will I have to clean the filter element?

If you are filtering water that is relatively clean and free from
sediment you will probably only have to clean the filters
every 6 month or so. On the other hand if are filtering
extremely dirty water like that from a mud puddle or muddy
river you may have to clean them weekly. Keep in mind you
can clean the filters up to 100 times. So the more often you
have to clean them the quicker they will have to be replaced.

5. How do I determine when the filter element must be replaced?

The ceramic filter will become slightly smaller from repeated
cleaning. Eventually the ceramic shell will wear thin and
crack. Anytime a crack occurs, the integrity of the filter has
been lost and it must be replaced

6. How do I determine when the granular carbon inside the ceramic
element is exhausted?

When bad taste and odor of the source water is no longer
removed Note: The ceramic shell will continue to remove
pathogenic bacteria after the carbon has been saturated.

7. Is it possible to reactivate or regenerate the granular carbon in
the filter element once it becomes saturated with chemicals?

Yes, some chemicals such as chlorine can be removed from
the carbon by simply boiling the ceramic filter element in
water for five minutes. Note: To avoid cracking the ceramic
shell, place the element in cool water and then bring the
water to a boil. Never place a cool element into hot water or
place a hot element in cool water.

8. Can I prolong the need for cleaning the element?

Yes, by pre-filtering the water through a coffee filter before
pouring it into the British Berkefeld, however this is not
necessary for proper functioning.

9. What are some of the water sources I can filter through the
British Berkefeld?

Water from a pond, creek, lake, river, mud puddle, well,
cistern, rain water or even water you have stored yourself
can be used for drinking or cooking with peace of mind.

10. What other types of water filtration systems are available?

Inline systems: Useless without water pressure.

Hand pump units (ceramic filter): Great for camping but
hard to pump. Not practical for long term emergency. Short
filter life span 250-750 gallons.

Gravity filters:

Resin or carbon based: filter elements have short life span
250-1000 gallons.

Ceramic filters: Long life span 2400-15,000 gallons. The
British Berkefeld system uses four filters, which means that
the system filters between 9,600 and 60,000 gallons before it
becomes necessary to replace the ceramic filter elements.

11. How does the system work?

Just add water into the upper chamber which gravity feeds
through the ceramic filters into the lower chamber. A four
filter system will average about a gallon per hour.

12. Who has historically used the British Berkefeld emergency
camping filter?

Many international relief organizations like Unicef and the
Peace corps and the International Red Cross Note: In early
January 1999, 60 minutes ran a TV special on George Soros,
and the assistance the Soros Foundation gave to Sarajevo
after their water treatment had been destroyed by the Serbs.
The Soros Foundation shipped 58,000 British Berkefeld
gravity filters to the people of Sarajevo

In 1998 thousands of British Berkefeld gravity filters were
shipped to international relief organizations in Honduras.

Missionaries in over 140 countries

mass populations in third world countries.

13. Is the British Berkefeld Emergency Camping Filter available in
all 50 states?

British Berkefeld water filters are available in 49 states. They
are not yet available in Iowa.

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